/ cable management

Our integrated solution for cable management consists of multiple slots cut out along the rear end of both trays and the back of the desk. Together with our custom velcro straps you can easily bundle, organise and tie up your multi-plugs and cables just the way you want.

/ magnetic breaks


An optional break feature is included with each desk in case you want more resistance when pushing your trays in or out. The magnetic break keeps the tray in a steady place while you use it, and can seamlessly be pushed in when you're done, without any extra move.

/ material


Due to its quality and high resistance to impact and humidity we have chosen to work with Finnish Birch Plywood, embracing its characteristic striped edges. Each desk is made individually in Barcelona Spain, combining modern CNC technology with traditional carpentry.

/ assembly

Designed to be shipped flat in a small package for an easy self assembly. The durable hardware can be mounted multiple times as no structural screws go straight into the wood. All you need is your own screwdrivers, mallet/hammer and the included Allen Key.


All models come in a semi matte varnish which brings out the beautiful grain of the plywood. Each piece is sanded carefully to make it silky smooth and the coating is protecting it from stains and scratches and is easy to wipe down and keep clean.
The Compact One and Compact 88 desks are available in vintage brown and natural birch finishes.