Compact Rack.
1U extension.

A flexible solution to host 1U racks  in your Compact desk. It is fully movable and clips effortlessly on to the top shelf at the position of your choice - without the need of any screws. This extension sits beautifully on your desk whilst keeping your rack units safe.


Available in three finishes  - the Compact Rack extension is the perfect way to integrate your 1U rack effect processor, patch bay or audio interface in your Compact desk.

/ when ordered with desk

(excl. VAT) For individuals in EU price is 169,4€ including 21% VAT. No extra shipping.

/ function


This rack extension is made to integrate 1U rack units like small sound cards, audio interfaces, patch bays or effects into your Compact desk. Depending on where you position the extension it can also act as a speaker stand or to raise your computer monitor.

/ position


Choose whether you’d like one on each side, or one or two in the middle. The Compact Rack doesn’t need any permanent attachment so you can easily set it where you want, move it around and adapt it to your setup. Compact One can fit 1 unit and Compact 88 can fit 1 or 2 units.

/ mounting

Mounting your rack is very easy as the extension doesn't feature any rack rail. Instead we use pre drilled holes which goes into barrel nuts where your rack equipment can be screwed and set tightly. The front and back are open and can be reversed as you can mount your rack on either side.

/ airflow

A slot is cut out on each side to provide airflow and as you mount your rack it is raised slightly from the bottom and does not touch the surface underneath. Both back and front are completely open and there are a couple of milimeters left on top to prevent over heating. 


/ measurements


Outer Width: 48,26 cm / 19 inches

Inner Width: 44,66 cm / 17.58 inches

Depth: 27,5 cm / 10.8 inches

Inner height for rack: 5,2 cm / 2 inches

Height on desk: 7 cm / 2.75 inches

Total height: 8,5 m / 3.35 inches

/ included

  • Wooden dowels, connector screws and hex key for mounting

  • 8 x Barrel nuts and 4 x M6 screws to attach rack on either front or back

  • Adhesive bumpers to protect from scratches and keep it in place

/ product details

Material: birch plywood

18 mm / 0.7 inches thick


natural birch

vintage brown


Tools needed for assembly:

  • flat and cross slot screwdrivers

  • mallet / hammer