Audio Housing makes furniture for the contemporary home studio: to save space, improve workflow and inspire creativity. 

/ background


We are a family business - working between Sweden and Spain since 2020. Together we're combining our backgrounds in music production, interior design and engineering to develop a flexible and compact furniture system that can house your audio equipment.

/ inspiration

We are inspired by the simple lines of midcentury modernism and the iconic looks of vintage recording studios. Having partly Scandinavian roots we strive to find minimal and space-saving solutions that suit the contemporary homes of today and caters to the specific needs of musicians.

/ manufacturing


We value having our furniture made close by, where we can be part of the process. That’s why our production is located in the province of Barcelona not far from our design studio. We work with local craftsmen and providers and all our material is sourced from within Europe. 


Customer feedback.


/ John, United Kingdom


"I received my Compact One this week. The service was great from ordering to delivery. A small, family-based company @audiohousing – this is a beautiful studio desk made from high quality materials!"

/ Richard, United Kingdom

"I’m so pleased with, such a stunning piece of functional furniture, I almost don’t want to spoil it by adding my synths! Packaging great, finish great, assembly instructions very easy to follow, customer service amazing! Thanks again."

/ Jeremy, United States

"Audio Housing was amazing to work with and the finished product is beautiful and functional. I have never found anything comparable on the market for its compactness, utility, and materials. Thank you Sanna and Marc - I wish you great sucess!"

/ Mink, Netherlands


"Thanks so much for everything! It’s extremely beautiful, the attention to detail is absolutely amazing. The way it was packed, everything’s just perfect :) I’ll definitely be recommending you to friends :) "

Photo by John, United Kingdom

Photo by @reinfuks, Estonia

Photo by @yukiobergholdt, Denmark

Photo by Jared, United States


/ Electronic Sound Magazine, issue 77

"Compact One, the most beautiful piece of studio furniture we’ve seen in a long time."